Fix “no such column” on Sugar ORM

I have this entity class to represent my sqlite table in my android apps.

public class TemporaryOrder extends SugarRecord<TemporaryOrder> {

    public String desc;
    public float lat;
    public float lng;
    public String note;
    public boolean isFrom;

    public TemporaryOrder() {

    public TemporaryOrder(String desc, float lat, float lng, String note, boolean isFrom) {
        this.desc = desc; = lat;
        this.lng = lng;
        this.isFrom = isFrom;
        this.note = note;

The problem appear when I need to check, whether there’s order with “isFrom” status true by doing this.

boolean isExists = Select.from(TemporaryOrder.class).where(Condition.prop("isFrom").eq(true)).count() > 1;
// I got this error : no such column: isFrom (code 1)

Evidently SugarORM turns camel case variable to underscore in sqlite, so we just need to replace “isFrom” to “is_From”.

boolean isExists = Select.from(TemporaryOrder.class).where(Condition.prop("is_From").eq(true)).count() > 1;


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