Install Redis Ubuntu

Just my private notes to install redis on ubuntu. 😀
I prefer to install it manually because redis at ubuntu repo (I’m using Elementary OS that based on ubuntu) are not up to date.

1. Download latest redis at
2. Extract your downloaded redis and compile it.

$ tar -xzvf redis-x.x.x.tar.gz
$ cd redis-x.x.x
$ make

Now your compiled binary are in “src” directory you can run redis with “redis-server”. Usually I moved all my binary to “opt” within system root but this step are optional.
3. Rename and move to “opt” directory.

$ mv src redis
$ mv redis /opt

4. Then add to your system path by adding this line “export PATH=”$PATH:/opt/redis” on your “.bashrc” or “.zshrc” if you are using zsh and restart your terminal and now you can run “redis-server” and “redis-cli” from anywhere.